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secret diary of a call girl- review

So I was tempted to find "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" rather off the mark, sensationalized, etc etc. So far, I've found it somewhat realistic, at least to the sort of experiences I've had. The men vary in attractiveness both physically and personality-wise, many of the johns are anxious and unsure, some are demanding and dangerous, some just don't click with you. A bad review means you may end up taking clients you aren't sure… View More


Cheating and the Ethical Sex Worker

I was asked on that lovely site formspring this question, which I get asked fairly… View More


How I Learned to Stop Worrying About My Love of Money

I have always had a tense relationship to money. As a child, I was deeply self conscious of the class divide that was apparent in my clothing and in my bagged lunches, and in the amount of… View More