#FemmeFriday: Shiro Cosmetics in "Women's Weapons" and "Remake"

It's SO hot in the South Bay right now. I mean, I've always thought of it as my personal hell, but DAMN. And it's only going to get worse!! Putting on makeup in the heat is like a maddening experiment in futility, because the sweat makes the makeup stick in weird ways and drip off in others, while having a fan on your face means you're fighting powder shadows spewing all over your face.

It took me an hour just to do my makeup. As a lazy femme, this is far too long. 

Anyway to make it up to myself I tried out some of my fandom inspired Shiro eyeshadows today, and I love them. They've got fantastic colour, work well with being layered to create a stronger look, and so, so sparkly! I had gotten the samplers of the Game of Thrones collection and the Hunger Games collection a while back, so decided to combine the two.

The two eyeshadows I wore today were Women's Weapons, styled after Cercei from GoT, and Remake, after Cinna from the Hunger Games. I apologize that I didn't get swatches (I always forget to do that!) so what you're seeing is the full look with some eyeliner on top, but these shadows are super pretty.

First I laid down a foundation of Remake, a pretty and bright gold colour with a hint of bronze. I didn't see the purple flecks it's reported to have, but that didn't really matter to me. It's a gorgeous colour and I liked that it's got some boldness without being overpowering. I've been into wearing golds/silvers on my lid and then a highlight colour and this is perfect for that. I gave it a pretty light hand, but imagine it'd make an amazing eyeliner if you wet the brush.

As my highlight colour I used Women's Weapons, a dark, rich red with some golden shimmer. It's lipsafe, and the first time I saw it was as a lipgloss (Shiro makes custom lipglosses from their lipsafe eyeshadows!) It took two layers to get it as dark as I liked, but was really pretty on (and the fact you have to layer it to get it dark means that it's easier to make it blend softly).

These two shadows played well together and the sample baggies I got offer plenty of product to play around with while you decide what you like. I have a lot of colours in both sets and I'll probably feature them again really soon, especially some of the brighter colours.

Shiro Cosmetics is run by two women out in Portland, OR, and it's vegan as well as cruelty-free, which always a plus. I definitely recommend these eyeshadows, though since they're powdered and not pressed, it may take some adjusting to figure out how to best apply them. I found tapping my brush on the edge of the baggie left me with plenty of product without having to do too much cleanup. Give them a try!

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