Review: The Stronic Pulsator

It's been a while since I've done a toy review, but I'm getting back in the swing of things!

I'm always interested in new technology and the toy I'm reviewing here is definitely new to me. It was also, apparently, new to the TSA, who needed me to take it out of my luggage to ensure it wasn't a bomb. "Nope!" I said cheerfully, pulling out the Ziploc bag to show them. "It's just my vibrator!"

"Your what?" the puzzled TSA agent said.

"My vibrator!" I grinned. She stared. "It's a Stronic Pulsator", I added, waving the bag around and winking.

"Put it away" she hissed as response, blushing. I shrugged and tucked it back into my bag as she waved me away hurriedly. I guess she wasn't ready to deal with my shamelessness!

It was much ado over a pretty fabulous toy. The Stronic Pulsator series from Fun Factory *thrusts*. It really pumps back and forth inside you! There's a metal weight that shifts, so you really feel it moving (not as much as it would with your hand, but you'd need a pretty big motor for that). It's not going to pound your cervix, but the movement is pleasant and certainly turned me on. Add in the ridges and this certainly a good toy, at least as far as I'm concerned.

It's a rechargeable toy with an elegant magnetic charger that means there's nothing to worry about getting gunked up or messed up when you wash it. You can lock it, so it won't go off in your luggage (though that won't protect you from the questioning about the device, as it looks different in the xray than other vibrators). And it's fully submersible, which is handy for cleaning.

As for use? There's a button on it that says "FUN". Hit that, then hit the plus and minus buttons to explore the various settings (10 pulsing settings, and also faster/slower controls). Personally I'll admit I didn't explore the Drei (my chosen model) much as I just wanted it to be fucking me hands free while I used a vibe on my clit. I squirted all over the place, which is how I know this toy is a good one for me/my body. It rubs just right against my gspot, firmly but not hard. The silicone on this toy has a nice velvety smoothness that feels great both externally and internally. I used Hathor Aphrodisia lube and it was wonderful. The motor was quiet, too, so I didn't have to worry about the neighbors!

I also got to watch April Flores and Betty Blac use it at a queer orgy for Chelsea Poe, but that's a story for another time... ;) You'll be able to see it via TROUBLEfilms eventually!

In short? I personally highly recommend this. It's not overly thick but the ridges are sensational. I imagine my partner is going to love seeing how it feels anally.

Thanks Fun Factory for providing me with this magnificent toy in exchange for an honest review! Check out the whole series!

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