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I was interviewed by Fleshbot writer McBeardo (who I'm renaming McBeardy) in what is probably one of the most honest, personal, and detailed interviews I've ever done. Also, there's loads of photos to enjoy from Indie Porn Revolution, Crashpad Series, QueerPorn.TV and some shoots I've done with friends like Julia and Tex! It was really nice to get to speak candidly

FLESHBOT: What was your very first adult project? How did you make the decision to do it? What did you think and feel before, during, and after it was happening?

My very first adult project was a public photo shoot involving these lovely butt plugs that were handmade by the photographer. He was an older man who wanted them for his private collection, and we negotiated about what the shoot would entail. I enjoyed butt plugs but got anxious about having someone put them in me so I inserted them myself, and I got to choose my outfit and where we shot. I picked the Albany Bulb, which was a repurposed dump-turned-dog park with a bunch of interesting art made of garbage, and I dressed in my gutter punk finest. I got to keep copies of the photos and still have them.

How did I feel about it? Well, I was nervous at first, excited while it was happening (I love the risk of public play!) and confident afterwards. I think the fact I had a lot of control over what happened and how I was portrayed helped immensely with my enjoyment of the shoot. He was very respectful, even offering to take me to lunch afterwards, and paid me in cash. We talked a lot about stuff we did outside of pervery (he was an electrical engineer, I was a sci fi and computer gamer geek). I even got to keep the plugs! I was pretty naive in thinking all porn would be like that, though.

Read it here to find out which porn stars I want to work with, why I don't work with the mainstream, and how I became the pervert you all know and love. Also, while we're at it, I now have an AVN official profile.

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