Siderodromophilia: My Newest Kink is Sex on Trains

"I wonder if there's  word for being sexually aroused by fantasizing about fucking in trains," I thought idly to myself as I thumbed through my most popular blog, which is on unusual fetishes. I dug around briefly and discovered, of course, yes there is- it's called siderodromophilia, and it's in the same family as a lust for airplanes (acrophilia) and a lust for sex in parked cars (momaxia, and play safe, kids). There's no real differentiation in the term between desiring sex in a train or desiring the train itself- I'm not aroused, personally, by the look of  trains, but I'll admit my clit throbs when I hear a train whistle go past.

I don't know where exactly it started. I've always enjoyed fantasies of being overwhelmed, too many hands and genitals, and I've also always loved semi-public play, that fear of being caught, so I imagine those both had something to do with it. Still, the fantasy of being fucked in a train came suddenly this year, and it's quickly skyrocketed to my #1 fantasy. With BART, CalTrain, Amtrack and Muni, I guess I have my pick of train-like vehicles to try, though I wonder if I'll chicken out at the last minute! And while I like the risk element, I also want to avoid upsetting people, which makes this kink hard to act out. I definitely don't want someone to see it and think it's ok to do to just anyone, either, which is already a problem.

In the meantime, as a way of streamlining/pinpointing what it is about train sex, I've been watching a lot of porn. I've discovered that porn shot on buses aren't the same for me, though subways often will work in a pinch. I love it when a hand slides into the panties to finger her until she squirts down her thighs, muffling any moaning. Cutting the tights away for easy access is not necessary, but certainly erotic. Perhaps even just that would be enough for me, with the PIV sex happening against a wall in a darkened corridor instead... I'm not picky.

Why trains? I'm not sure. Maybe the sense of movement is fun for me, that our fucking starts in one place and we end up somewhere completely different. Maybe it's the sense of others going about their mundane lives while we do perverted things. There's more space than in the backseat of a car, which is important, and it's easier to get lost in the crowd afterwards.  The idea of someone coming onto the train, making me come all over myself, and then disappearing to never be seen again is an appealing one for me, even if I doubt I'd want to do that in real life.

One of my lovers has suggested he'd take up the challenge of this. It's a thought that keeps me squirming in my seat, even as I write this. I have no doubt he could help me pull it off. I guess next time I go and visit, I'll wear disposable panties and tell him to bring a knife... just in case.  Oh, and my Clipper card, of course. ;)

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