Analyze This! More Questions From Google Keyword Searches

Time for Round 2 (Round 1 is here) of using people's Google keyword searches that made it to my blog as questions to answer for Analyze This! It's like a mini advice column, except faster, more random, and often a lot weirder. 

can double penetration hurt baby

There's no indication that double penetration while pregnant would hurt a baby. As with any sex, go slowly, and communicate! If it's painful, then stop. I'd recommend ensuring your toys are clean if you use them by boiling them and using silicone- if doing it with another person, I would recommend having safer sex.

how to ride cowgirl if you're a bbw

Cowgirl can be difficult when you're bigger or have sore joints, IME, mainly because of the strain on the knees. But there's ways to make it work without sitting all the way back with your legs folded under you! Being on all fours can be helpful for movement and for relieving knee strain, and putting a pillow under the ass of the person on the bottom can raise their pelvis making the distance between your junk and theirs smaller. I discovered that by letting my lover clasp onto me and thrust into me, I could have the rough sex I wanted while not necessarily being in missionary position.

Read some more great info/advice here and here!

how to make a sex toy men

I'll be honest, I don't know why you wouldn't just buy a sex toy for men (Tenga eggs, for example, or the monkey spanker) but if you're more of a DIY person, check out this article! I'll have one of the guys try out a few DIY tutorials online so we can make up a rated list (I noticed a lot of these sites are misogynist, make prison jokes, or both, so).

I'm... a little amazed that someone thought fucking bread would feel like a cunt, but hey.

can you tell if a person sucks dick by the shape of their lips

Uh.... nope. That'd be handy, though. I'd never date a straight boy again!

psychology behind tentacle fetish

Well, originally it was a way of getting past censors, as while penises needed to be censored tentacles did not. As for why people get off on it... I find it erotic for the same reason I find gangbangs erotic- the sense of being overwhelmed by almost too much stimulation, all my bits touched at once. Some people suspect it might also be a type of power trip for those who want to *be* the overwhelming element of so many appendages at the same time.

You should check out Consentacle, by the way, a game about consensual tentacle sex!

why do people like age play porn

I've spent a lot of time asking myself that too, to be honest. Generally, though, it's about being able to let go of responsibility and worry, to allow yourself to be just taken care of. I also think it's a bit about humiliation and feeling... little, but in a way that feels safe. Some people find it erotic, some people don't but instead, they find it comforting. I kind of talk about it in this tag, both as someone who is trying to please a partner into age play and as an AB/DL porn performer. It's not my kink, though!

how to seduce myself by sexual torture by inserting weird things in vaginas

I have so many questions. But let me try to give advice...

In your vagina? Make sure you're choosing "weird things" that don't have sharp edges, aren't able to break/shatter, and don't have moving pieces that can pinch. I used to masturbate with Crayola markers and the caps on those pinch HARD let me tell you! Use a lot of lubricant, and stop if it feels painful. I'd probably suggest you make these weird objects a one-time-use thing, too, unless you can properly sterilize them. Also make sure if they slip into you, you can push/pull them out (covering them with a condom may help here). But hey, no judgment! I'd use a mirror if it's about seducing yourself so you can see the items go in (and monitor in case something goes wrong).

In someone else's vagina? I'd be a lot more careful here, as you won't get immediate feedback about how things feel. Use the above advice, be careful and communicate a lot. Also, sexytimes should be about seducing everyone involved, not just you, so keep that in mind and don't be selfish!

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