October 2014

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An Illustrated Guide to Fisting Foreplay in Honour of 4th Annual Fisting Day!

Well the 4th International Fisting Day (October 21st) has come and gone- I have to say, I had a grand old time preparing for and working on it! I have some great footage that's being… View More


Fisting Day, 2014! Seeking Submissions!

tl;dr - Fisting Day is October 21st and we're seeking submissions to help with the… View More


Siderodromophilia: My Newest Kink is Sex on Trains

"I wonder if there's  word for being sexually aroused by fantasizing about fucking in trains," I thought idly to myself as I thumbed through my most popular… View More


Analyze This! More Questions From Google Keyword Searches

Time for Round 2 (Round 1 is here) of using people's… View More


What's Your Alignment? Social Justice Class Badges

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So, polyamory, I guess I don't hate you after all.

I've not always felt particularly positively about polyamory. In fact, I've been… View More