January 2014

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I'm 30, Not Decomposing - On Aging Disgracefully

"When I turned 30, I decided I was going to go get some fancy wrinkle… View More


Within and Against: Empowered Porn in Capitalist Patriarchy

I was asked to do a debate with a (thankfully polite and sensible) radical feminist about ethical pornography- could it exist, and what would that look… View More


Thirty Things I've Learned in my Twenties

So, I'm thirty now, which conceivably makes me more of a Proper Adult than being in my twenties. I certainly feel under more pressure to behave like an Adult, to have Real Furniture and be… View More



New Years Resolutions are one of those things that I have tended to do for years and years. It's interesting when you write down your resolutions online, because you can go back through the… View More