February 2014

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Revisit: The 6 Feet Under Club

So, one of the things I'm going to try to do is highlight some of my older posts which were super popular on my old blog and aren't getting any notice here. Today? I'm gonna remind you about what it's like fucking in a coffin (with some edits, because, well, thankfully I'm improving as a writer) So I joined the 6 Feet Under Club. I mean, I needed something to distract me, and it… View More


This Ain't Typhoid Mary, XXX

I had to think for a hot second about whether it made sense for me to write about the topic or porn stars escorting and… View More


Sex Positive Community? I'm Disgusted.

I have watched you work with known rapists to further your career, because they were popular, and you were cowardly. And that is shameful. I have watched places like Dark Odyssey continue to… View More


Interview with Polly Superstar, Author of "Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary"

I first met Polly when I was 21, fresh to San Francisco and to sexy parties. I was accustomed to dark spaces with red light, places where you were admonished not to talk too loudly, where the uniform of "sexy" was a limited palette… View More


Fat, Fit, and the Struggle In Between

I'm usually fairly secure in my fat body. Most days I love my round tummy, and my stretch-marked breasts, and my thick thighs, and even my jiggly upper arms. I perform in pornography, have… View More