Review: Plunge Paddle from Tantus

When I opened my treasure chest from Tantus the Plunge Paddle was honestly the first thing I went for. A silicone paddle that's got a streamlined dildo on the end as a handle? Yes please!

It's got a beautiful flexibility to it which is both a blessing and a curse. The curse is that it can take a minute to develop a rhythm with this toy, as it rebounds more than you might be used to in a paddle. The blessing is that once you're working in that rhythm, you can deliver a hardy spanking without much effort. And I mean HARDY. This is an intense paddle for those who like something both thuddy AND stingy.

Dildo-wise, the handle is amazing for g-spot stimulation. The curve and stillness are both ideal, plus it's this velvety soft silicone that feels really nice. The paddle allows for a reasonable thrust, too, making it relatively practical.  I imagine it'd be workable anally too though I'd recommend using a condom (both because I've noticed silicone can cling to butt smell and because of the handle's tiny hole).

Ok, so, the stats: the flat part of the paddle is 6.75″ long, 3″ wide, while the dildo handle is a total of 7″ (about 5.5″  insertable). The bulbous head  measures just over 4″ around  while the rest of the shaft is between 3.25 to 3.5″.

Because it's all silicone, this toy is boilable and dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. The only thing I'd warn about is that the dildo end has a hole through it for hanging- not really noticeable when used for penetration, but a place where potentially lube can stick, so be aware when washing! You know those tiny bottlebrush things you can get for brushing around braces? Those would be perfect for scrubbing.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who has a thing for making a submissive kiss the implement I'm about to use on them. Being able to make them suck the handle without worry is really nice (with leather or wood... it's just not that sanitary). In fact I can imagine giving a lover a good thrashing before fucking myself with the handle and making them clean it off for me. That sounds nice.

I can't wait to redden someone's ass with this paddle. I love how it looks- all one colour, so sleek! I can totally picture bringing it as my one toy for a hookup or to a play party, as it's got plenty of sexyfuntimes value in one instrument that can fit in my purse. I also like the idea of experimenting with the temperature properties of silicone- how does a warm paddle feel vs a cold one? What if it's wet? I'm excited to find out!

As the Plunge Paddle is silicone, don't forget not to use silicone lube with this toy or it might start to break down. A good water based lube (I used Hathor Aphrodisia) will serve you well playing with this toy.

Thank you, Tantus, for sending me the Plunge Paddle in exchange for a fair review!

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