March 3rd: International Sex Worker Rights Day

Today is International Sex Worker Rights Day.

To honour it, give sex workers the basic human dignity of listening to their voices- *all* of them.

Listening to all voices means hearing people for whom it was the best of bad options, and/or for whom it was pain, violence, coercion, force. It also means hearing people who are joyous in their work, who create fierce alchemy, capitalist cash into activist fuel. And it especially means honouring the voices of people who have soulsucking days at work and can't just quit their job.

Some people are *all three*.

These are all VALID VOICES- it's hard to hear them all. But they together form the reality of sex work under patriarchy.

Don't assume street based sex workers want rescue... or that "high class hookers" are happy in their work. But do assume that none of them deserve to be raped, abused, fired, have their kids taken from them, assaulted by police, or murdered because of their job. Tho I mostly do social media, I will always be a whore, because I can always be fired from my job for having been one once.

We're sex veterans, the frontline fighters for your right to fuck. It's a lonely path, and a scary one-even if you love your job, the world hates you for it. Give a sex worker some strength back and appreciate them without asking for anything in return- read about Kink.com's complicated worker's rights issues, donate to SWOP, visit the Lusty Lady and tip generously, give a street based worker a meal, or go love on a sex worker's wishlist today or something (if you felt inclined, mine's here, but Maggie Mayhem could really use it, her flat is filled with toxic poisonous mold). We need it to help us carry on so we can continue to fight for our right to not die, not be raped, to exist and make money and have families and love.

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