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Childishness vs Childlike Playfulness

On our last date, we were camping. I watched a father and his little girl cycling on the path around the campground. There was a slight hill, so as they came by our camp, the dad would… View More


That Manic Pixie Life: Why I Dye My Hair So Much

Wallace Wells: You doing okay… View More


New Year's Resolutions: 2015 in Review (tl;dr it can die in a fire)

I actually love New Year's resolutions. Taking a moment to sit and check in with myself about my goals and what I've accomplished tends to make me feel pretty good about myself while also giving me gentle space to see what I still need to work on. It also gives me a chance to look back in prior years, to… View More


I've made a teeshirt

I've been meaning to make teeshirts for a while, so here is my first one. It's only available til next Sunday, so don't miss… View More


The Gendered Implications of the Word “Manipulative”

“I feel like you were being manipulative,” his… View More