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Mental Health Issues Are Not Fucking Sexy

When you look up "depression" on Google images you get a lot of beautiful young white slender cis people crouching,… View More


Interviewed on #MyNameIs for Full Disclosure Podcast!

So I was asked a few days ago to speak on Full Disclosure Podcast about the #MyNameIs controversy that's got everyone moving to Ello/GooglePlus/whatever. A really good writeup by Dottie Lux is here- my profile has been reinstated, at least for now, while my girlfriend… View More


Freedom of Speech and My Life As a Pornographer

So on the heels of my earlier piece, wherein I indicate that I feel rather strongly that the contributors to Charlie Hebdo consciously… View More


The Stifling Nature of the Phrase "But You're So STRONG"

I have made it my mantra ever since my last suicide attempt, now almost 2 1/2 years ago, that vulnerability is strength. I tell myself that, I tell my friends that, it informs my writing. It's a concept… View More