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Buying In And Selling Out: A Piece on Sexual and Social Capital

“I feel like you want to be seen with me at parties because I increase your sexual capital”. He said it without any hint of irony or self awareness. My ex lover looked… View More


Breakup Self Help Books Are the Devil

I’ve been reading some breakup self help books as I go through one that feels particularly heartbreaking and sad. Not as much one for watching sad chick flicks and eating pints of ice cream, I… View More



It's weird the things you can't stand to look at after a breakup. Some of it is pretty normal- the card from minigolf, the selfies from camping, the Christmas card. But… View More


The Healing Nature of Domesticity

It had been a long time since I had sat down to bake a loaf of bread. I have a rough time making myself dinner, never mind a multi-stage process that takes multiple hours to complete. Bread requires patience, something I often don't have while juggling several hustles to make ends meet. I had a… View More