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What I Learned About Fat Dating Trauma Through Piggy and Kermit

Piggy and Kermit were a huge part of my childhood. From "Muppet Babies" to the Muppet Show, they were one of televisions big couples that I… View More


Buying In And Selling Out: A Piece on Sexual and Social Capital

“I feel like you want to be seen with me at parties because I increase your sexual capital”. He said it without any hint of irony or self awareness. My ex lover looked… View More


Why I'm Turning My Office into a Mermaid Grotto

Ok, so, fair critique- mermaids and fat femmes go together like salt and seawater. It is, perhaps, a bit cliche, therefore, that when my housemate was recommending I fix up the office, I decided what I really wanted to turn it into is a fanciful… View More


BBWCon 2016: The Long Con

Hotel: $500Ticket/booth for the con: $135Banner: $50 design + $50… View More