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I get asked in person all the time for advice relating to sex, gender, sex work, kink, consent... basically alternative sexuality. There's not a lot of good information for a pervert traversing the world of social mores on the sexier side of the street- and what there is tends to be heterosexist, not particularly feminist and, at the very least, often classist. That's not really the world a lot of my pervert friends live in.

At some point one of my friends turned to me and said "you know, you really need to have a kinky Miss Manners column" and I thought "ooooOOOOoooo".

But where to have such a thing? Who would take it on? At first I thought about asking the East Bay Express or SF Weekly but quickly realized that maybe I should be spreading my wings and looking past my doorstep. A lot of people keep telling Maggie and I that we need to be on Dan Savage's podcast talking about Consent Culture (to which I say, write and tell him so).

So instead, dear readers, I'll just ask you! Where do you think I should pitch this plan?

In the meantime, you can always ask me questions via Formspring by clicking on the "because ponies" image on the sidebar or clicking here.

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