Review: the Outlaw

I'm no size queen- I like average sized cocks, on the thick side, not too long. 5 1/2-7" is just about perfect for me, personally. My cervix doesn't like being battered down, after all, and thick is more important than long in my experience (take note, boys).

But when I go out on the town, I like to have a cock that's obscene. Thick, long, beyond any type of discretion. I want a cock that Gets Noticed (and possibly that I can beat someone to death with while screaming "tool of the patriarchy? I'LL GIVE YOU TOOL OF THE PATRIARCHY" but maybe that's just me).

There is really no other cock for this purpose other than the Outlaw, by the delightful Vixen Creations.

Vixen Creations is one of my favourite companies for cock. It's women-owned and mostly women-operated, and their products are some of the nicest dildos I have ever strapped on or had inside me ever. All of their products are made of a high-quality silicone, and their "vixskin" toys have this amazing soft outer layer with a firm inner layer that's surprisingly realistic. They've got a limited warranty on their products... for life. Additionally, it's the little things- naming their colours "vanilla", "caramel" and "chocolate" instead of "flesh toned", and making a vixskin dildo that's nonrealistic shows an understanding of privilege that's pretty snazzy. And they have other things too- hitachi covers and butt plugs, for example. Keep an eye out for my first experience with a Prosthetic Penis attachment (I had to wait til they came out with the Colossus- the boy's cock wouldn't fit into the Ride On!)

But the dildo that makes everyone's eyes grow wide, either with excitement or dread, is the Outlaw. I was on a sexytimes sleepover once and my date pulled out the Outlaw with a giant grin- I shook my head with an emphatic "no fucking way" and pointed to the much more sensible Mustang. Still, there was a part of me that really wanted to give it a try, nervous as it made me.

It is a hefty piece of equipment. At 8 1/2" long and 2" thick, the Outlaw stretched my harness to the limit- but I could still prop it up comfortably against my body, it didn't pull the harness down awkwardly. It felt nice in my hand. I got a little giddy about thrusting it into a lover, but that will have to wait until the weekend...

With a firm erect core and a soft outer layer, this cock is extremely realistic feeling, covered in veins and wrinkles. I particularly like the implied pulled-back foreskin. Love!

Internally, it feels pretty real too, especially if you warm it by using some lukewarm water beforehand. You could also cool it for some interesting sensation! There's no curve to it, but the girth is enough to keep you busy. I may call it the "prefisting" dildo. It's pretty intense! While I could only nudge 7" inside me, that extra inch meant I had a good handle on it, so that worked for me.

Like with any silicone toy, don't use silicone lubricant with this or you'll destroy your toy. It can be boiled for 3 minutes to sterilize, or wash with soap and water (it's non-porous). And you'll want to take good care of this, because it's such a lush toy, you'll want to enjoy it again...and again...

You can purchase the  Outlaw directly from Vixen or via Good Vibrations. Thank you so much Vixen for letting me try this toy out! My cunt thanks you too.

(The boy, who will get to experience it this weekend, may thank Vixen too after he stops running away- I'll let you know ;) )

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