November 2009

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"sometimes I feel like a whore"

I woke up today and my facebook tarot card was Death. I know, I know, Death, not the scary card, not really (and thank god it wasn't the Tower, right?) but just a symbol of change, of things rebirthing, newness, new directions, the death of that which is now gone and the birth of something new. (Actually, typing that out, I mistyped "birth" to make that sentence "the… View More


"The Girlfriend Experience" with Sasha Gray- spoilers

So I've written about girlfriend experiences before, because it's a dynamic I find really interesting- men wanting space to be vulnerable, and talk about what they're going through, to a woman who will pet their head and tell them it'll be ok.. even if they pay her. And there's that question of, can you maintain that intimacy while still maintaining the… View More


pretty ponies, latex lasses, geek gods, and sexy salons

I don't even know if I can begin to describe how amazing this last weekend was. For now, I'll just say this: -had a lot of fun latex browsing with a very cute girl, who I'm going to call Tm (typhoid mary, I think she'll approve)- I enjoy hanging out with her, because she's similarly into cephalopods, geeky things, and clothes, and she's gorgeous and smart. Hanging out with her has been really fun and I feel lucky to have her in… View More


hey, jealousy

There's a big monogamy vs polyamory brainfuck going on in my head at the moment, probably because I'm as single as I've even been. I've been in the poly world since I was 18, if not a bit before, really. I always had multiple relationships going on, whether it be via cheating or polyamory or serial monogamy. I know that my eyes tend to wander, and the rest of me follows close behind. Never mind that my work requires I have… View More



I'm sitting in Soho at Sh's flat, snuggled into a bed that's an oasis of warmth in an otherwise cold room. It's sort of strange, really, as I haven't been here overnight since that last horrible night in January, before I flew back to California- he's… View More