pretty ponies, latex lasses, geek gods, and sexy salons

I don't even know if I can begin to describe how amazing this last weekend was.

For now, I'll just say this:

-had a lot of fun latex browsing with a very cute girl, who I'm going to call Tm (typhoid mary, I think she'll approve)- I enjoy hanging out with her, because she's similarly into cephalopods, geeky things, and clothes, and she's gorgeous and smart. Hanging out with her has been really fun and I feel lucky to have her in my life!

-had an amazing date with a cute boy- and saw Jonathan Coulton, who is basically a rock geek god as far as I'm concerned. The perfect set, a great venue, and JoCo broke the cover off usb drive I bought with all his music and whatnot on it- so he gave me another for free, and signed it. :D

-then went to a private party with the aforementioned Tm, and another girl who I'd like to call La (lead acetate, or lead sugar). We were all sort of apprehensive, being three girls going to a sex party, but it was really fun! La, with her big eyes, asked me to help Tm cotop her, and, well, I obliged. I'm a giver, what can I say? Tm got her hands a bit dirty, and La left a puddle on the floor. It was delicious. I was even lucky enough to bring La home with me for more fun and snuggles. And I have a big old crush on La now... the prettiest pony evar. :D God, did ever a girl look so sexy in a bit gag? I mean, really. It just shouldn't be allowed.

-Sunday was the Kinky Salon meeting- yes, we're looking at starting a London version of Kinky Salon.. it'll be very private and very silly. It was a very productive meeting, though we're still in a place to keep a lot of info under wraps. Still, I'm excited for it, as is the crew!

-then on Monday Sh took me to go see "Girlfriend Experience" with Sasha Gray. My reaction that is basically tomorrow's blog, so I'll leave it for now. I'll just say I was touched in a few places of the movie that I think only an escort would get- and found the reaction of the audience almost more interesting than the film itself... In addition, I learned some stuff about Sh that made me really proud of his progress. God, he's grown a lot and opened a lot since I first met him...! The main thing is, he was finally honest with someone about how we met- his girlfriend- and she accepted it without any issue. This is a huge deal for me, because feeling like I have to hide my work and/or be ashamed of it is really difficult. To be accepted that easily, and for him to get the courage to say that he was a client of mine, is just amazing. I felt and feel accepted and cared about, in a weird way. I feel... embraced, in a way he hadn't before. And it makes me feel good that he isn't ashamed anymore.

Hopefully I have a few unique clients this week- definitely will on the weekend as I have an interesting couple to play with!

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