July 2009

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life as the most sexual frigid girl in the world

t's been 2 months, maybe a little longer, since I last had sex for money. And in that time, I've had sex twice, I think. Finding dominatrix work out here has been a struggle, between not having an incall and being virtually unknown here anymore. Never mind that most of the clients I speak to treat me like a wank rag, not a woman. Not interested in that sort of session. It's funny, in a way, but I almost miss my job.… View More


fucking hippies

I’m sitting here in my grandmother’s Berkeley house, up in the hills, surrounded by elderly people and the wealthy, overlooking San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge. I’m watching a documentary on hippies, and the revolt against reason, logic, monotheistic religions. I’m fascinated by the journey hippies went through, from pot and LSD to speed and heroin, from a lack of religion to a tendency to follow a guru, a cult leader, or… View More