June 2009

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Exploding out of the closet- exploring my life, 17-19

I was reading Calico's older blog about coming out into the scene, and figuring out who you are, and what you're into, along with thinking about if kink is a sexual orientation or not. I get asked that a lot at work.… View More


Ok. Roll Call!

You laugh, but I feel, sometimes, like I need to update this as much for my own benefit as to explain these nicknames to you all. As per usual- Victorian ailments take preference. Here we go… View More


macho macho man

The question “what is feminism” was brought up on one of the forums I’m on, a kinky one, and it led me to think a lot about my position on feminism, but more my thoughts on men and masculine identity, something I rarely think about as a femme. I would say I identify as a feminist. How can I not, being a woman who would prefer to live her life without worrying that her sex or gender will cause her to be at risk… View More


fine and dandy

I am a sucker, a true sucker, for snazzily dressed men with vintage taste. And I'm obviously not the… View More


oh, and also

I was just at Cirque X giving out spankings this weekend, partying with the St James… View More


apathy in the UK (and US)

Ok. Where do I start,… View More