Ok. Roll Call!

You laugh, but I feel, sometimes, like I need to update this as much for my own benefit as to explain these nicknames to you all. As per usual- Victorian ailments take preference.

Here we go then...

The Usual Suspects:

Mononucleosis, or "Mo"- my California-livin' statistically significant other and boyfriend
Syphilis, or "Syph"- probably my closest friend in London- my sensible friend, more often than not
Tuberculosis, or "TB"- was, originally, taken by Sh, but now used to refer to my young dandy-in-training

Shingles, or "Sh"- my client-cum-lover-turned-ex... tentively attempting friendship
Gout, or "G"- a theatrical Dom play partner I met in London- gives me hope I could submit to someone again
Influenza, or "Flu"- a friend of mine who shares my love of sugar in all forms

People I don't mention often:

Cholera, or "C"- my Canadian ex girlfriend, who I'm still in contact with (and miss dreadfully)

Hysteria, or "H"- the girl I was playing with, a bottom- we broke up a few weeks before I left London

E.Coli, or "E"- my fiance in London who hates me blogging about him ;)

I'll be doing a post tonight that covers a lot of ground around people I doubt I'll blog about again, so I'll just use letters... but, this is the list, to help you keep up.

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