November 2008

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reanimated blog, grrr, argh

So, where did I go for the past couple of weeks..? I have to admit- it pleased me immensely that the first couple of people to ask me where this blog went were my parents, who said they hoped they were still going to be allowed to read it. Aww! There’s nothing like the support of family to make difficult times easier to swallow- and while we’ve had our ups and downs, I am proud to call them my family. I’ve also gotten… View More


Return Home, Part 2

So we watched "Crash Pad, Series 1" which was incredibly hot- in general, more so to the gf and I, but TB found stuff to enjoy in it as well. Snuggling together watching porn is a great way to start some play, but they still hadn't negotiated terms yet, so I made sure they talked to each other about what their limits were and what they were interested in. TB was a bit taken aback, as the gf is not… View More


Return Home, part 1

Thursday morning, 8:30 am. I see him at the entrance to the Tube and I try not to run because I’m trying to maintain some sort of cool here. But when I kiss him I feel a glow flame up inside me and even though I’m exhausted I want to devour him. Public transport, however, gets the better of me and the train goes so slowly I lose some of the edge. I’m tired. I didn’t sleep well on the plane, and I… View More



"I wear my skin only as thin as I have to, armor myself only as much as seems absolutely necessary. I try to live naked in the world, unashamed even under attack, unafraid even though I know how much there is to fear." -Dorothy Allisonfrom Skin: Talking About Sex, Class, & Literature I really like this… View More


back in the UK- and what sex workers will do for free

So first order of business- after my Poland drama and my visa I was very stressed out about leaving the UK for Massachusetts, but I went anyway. I almost didn't get back in. … View More