Return Home, part 1

Thursday morning, 8:30 am. I see him at the entrance to the Tube and I try not to run because I’m trying to maintain some sort of cool here. But when I kiss him I feel a glow flame up inside me and even though I’m exhausted I want to devour him. Public transport, however, gets the better of me and the train goes so slowly I lose some of the edge. I’m tired. I didn’t sleep well on the plane, and I know I have to be up at 1pm to go get my results from the STI clinic. But my head is resting on his belly and I know I’m home in a way that resonates throughout my body. I have never been so homesick for a place before.

We’re at his flat and I’m taking my clothes off as he makes me a cup of tea. I’m torn between desires- tea, sleep, him. I choose him for the time being, and reach out as he drops his jeans to the floor. He has to be at work in an hour, we both know that, but a lot can happen in an hour, right? We snuggle, and kiss, and fuck, and everything seems right for the time being. I drift to sleep with my thighs still sticky, half awake when he tells me where he’s left the keys.

I wake up to the alarm and drag myself to the clinic, where they happily inform me I’m 100%. I’m relieved after my scare about some precum near my pussy in a work gig. I’m kind of paranoid about this stuff. They ask me if I need more condoms and think dreamily to the Crown now disposed in the trash back at his, and say “nah”. They rarely have the good condoms anyway, and TB and I have a favorite type.

From there I meet my girlfriend downtown at Leicester Square before going for a drink at my favorite bar, Freud. I kiss her hello and I feel a thrill flare from my lips to my clit. I’m delighted to see her, and to discover she has a table at a local underground comic convention (well, ¼, but still! Pretty awesome). We giggle and have fruity girly drinks after browsing the comic book store- a cocktail, a comic book, and thou, indeed. We even manage to score a table without too much hassle. It feels really good to be back with my sweeties again, and it’s fantastic to be able to hang out with them both together.

We meet up with TB for some Chinese food at a place that starts us out whispering, it’s so quiet. Somehow within minutes of our arrival the volume raises to a reasonable level, so we relax. TB and the girlfriend play ro-sham-bo for what set menu we’re going to be eating- she wins, and it’s crispy duck for everyone. WAY more food than is needed for us, however, so we have loads of leftovers. We tease TB about his paranoia about reheated rice (which, he later proves, is not unfounded- I like a boy who does his research) and head back to his to watch some of the new porn I’ve collected from my trip to Good Vibes in Boston. That’s, of course, when things get really interesting- but that’s for another entry.

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