Return Home, Part 2

So we watched "Crash Pad, Series 1" which was incredibly hot- in general, more so to the gf and I, but TB found stuff to enjoy in it as well. Snuggling together watching porn is a great way to start some play, but they still hadn't negotiated terms yet, so I made sure they talked to each other about what their limits were and what they were interested in. TB was a bit taken aback, as the gf is not physically attracted to him, but she was up for playing together anyway- this is what I love about negotiations, is that while normally you would think "oh, she's not physically into him, so it's a no go", with some negotiation we found she could enjoy him sucking a strap on or her hand, and that my making out with her as he fucked me was ok. We worked it out. ::Grin::

I wish I could tell you it all in detail, but I just remember it in snippets, gasps and moans and wetness and lots of lube-

-his fingers swirling inside me as I wrapped a dental dam/glove around my tongue and let my gf lower herself onto my face
-her giggling and moaning as my gasps and screams vibrated her clit, his hand thrusting inside me
-looking up to see their looks of concentration as my eyes rolled back into my head
-feeling her bucking against my hand as he fucked me
-seeing his cheeks and lips stretched out as she thrust a big butt plug on a strap on harness into his mouth, as his cock slid in and out of my increasingly wet pussy
-her hands wrapped in his hair
-his and her teeth and lips pressed against my neck

It was really fantastic. I was wet enough to leave a spot on the bed, which rarely rarely happens. Snuggling with both of them was lovely, afterwards- a cup of tea and the feeling of being too dizzy because you've had the hydration fucked out of you. Yum.

I don't know what exactly I did right to have this, but I'm grateful. So grateful. And I feel incredibly loved, inside and out. <3

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