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So, where did I go for the past couple of weeks..?

I have to admit- it pleased me immensely that the first couple of people to ask me where this blog went were my parents, who said they hoped they were still going to be allowed to read it. Aww! There’s nothing like the support of family to make difficult times easier to swallow- and while we’ve had our ups and downs, I am proud to call them my family.

I’ve also gotten emails from people I don’t know hoping to see this blog again, which was really inspiring. Thank you, guys! And thanks, especially, to my sweeties, who have been a huge support and have given me a lot of love and assistance in the past couple of weeks.

Basically, what happened was that my ex-housemate informed me that he knew about my work and proceeded to try to use my blog to intimidate me. I closed down the blog while I was still technically living with him, but now any communication between us will be limited to solicitors- I decided to take his behavior pretty seriously. Because maybe it’s just Alicia and I he tried to strong arm this time, but how many others? And I refuse to change how I live my life because of fear. So there you go!
I figure I’m going to try to take deep breaths and let go. I mean, I’ll follow the legal process, of course, but in the day-to-day I will foster compassion and loving kindness instead of anger. And I will surround myself with my friends and family, chosen and given- because I realized through all this just how lucky I am to have the support of such amazing people and have such incredible resources at my disposal. I am a lucky, lucky girl. And I would rather focus on the blessings I have instead of the source of negativity.

So, after that frightfully hippie statement!...

Seriously, though, I guess this really hit home during Thanksgiving. Spending it in Krakow with some of my chosen family really healed and invigorated me. I have a lot to be grateful for- and while London has been a series of ups and downs, I have definitely grown here- stronger, more rooted, more… whole. Every trial is another fucking opportunity for growth, right? And I thrive.

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