Xmas is coming!

I can tell, because holiday ads are showing all over TV right now.

I love the holidays because I love giving people presents and usually they feel awkward when I just buy them things randomly. Holidays give me the opportunity to gift without guilt. My only issue is waiting. I hate waiting. When I have a clever present I want to give it right away!

That's how I felt when I saw this necktie from Babeland. OMG, so pretty. Not only is it a sexy tie, but it becomes a freakin' leash. It is totally catering to my dandy fantasies. Though of course I've ruined it by posting about it on this blog, so the boy will see it and it won't be a surprise. See? I'm terrible at that part.

But also, I found something that really works for me, too. The Octopussy dildo. It's not only totally gorgeous, but from the reviews I've read it's really, really nice as a sex toy. So take note, readers. But I only really need one, so please discuss among yourselves who's going to get it for me. ;)

Oh, Xmas. And it's not even Thanksgiving yet!

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