Stuff Your Stocking: a gift guide

So of course every website has its own gift guides for the holidays, which is cool, especially if you're one of those people who isn't sure what to give someone.

Well, you know me. I give a lot of people books, geek stuff, and sex toys for the holidays, because that's pretty much what I always give people for every occasion. Probably cause everyone I know is a bookwormy sexy geek. Hurray for my life! But, even so, I notice that while I adore getting people presents and the hunt for the perfect thing, it stresses a lot of people out.

So here's a personal sexy stocking stuffer guide at one of my top stops for presents, Good Vibrations.

Maybe you're looking for some smaller presents to allspice things up (see what I did there? ho ho!) I know personally I get bored pretty quickly and would rather have a few different smaller things than too many big toys. This is why I love Xmas stockings and always have. The variety appeals to me!

Quality Sex Toys at Good Vibrations - GoodVibes.com

So one of the first things I would put into a stocking are these sex checks.

I know, I know, sex checks, right? Corny. Not these ones! With some really interesting new possibilities like "seduce your lover like someone of another gender" and "one hour unlimited kissing", or my favourite "an erotic picnic in bed".

Don't worry, it's got all the old standards, too-blindfolded sex, a striptease, spankings. I think it's a great way to encourage experimentation without pressure. And I like that it suggests things like genderfuckery and sensual play without sexual play. Ranges of erotic experiences I find leads to hotter play in general!
Quality Sex Toys at Good Vibrations - GoodVibes.com

Another thing I recommend as a stocking stuffer is one of the Good Vibrations massage candles. I use these a lot! You don't have to be into BDSM and wax play to enjoy them- the soy wax melts at a low temperature, turning into beautifully warm massage oil. Additionally, because of the softness of the soy wax, if it gets on chest, pubic or leg hair, it doesn't hurt to get off, unlike regular wax.

If you DO want to introduce your partner to sensation play or BDSM, this is also a gentle way to start. The hot wax dribbling over a tense back or, my favourite, some aroused genitals, feels incredibly sensual and lovely. It'd be easy to introduce some simple bondage into the mix too. And the scents range from the freshness of Morning Dew to the sweetness of French Vanilla or the calm of English Lavender.

Quality Sex Toys at Good Vibrations - GoodVibes.com

Now, maybe it's the little girl in me- ok, it definitely is- but I have to point out these incredibly cute vibrators. Hello Kitty as a vibe, of course, is just way too cute to resist! It's basically like a pocket rocket but, well, pinker, for a start.

It's a great wee vibe to have in your purse just in case if you're anything like me and might duck into the Lusty Lady on your way home, or have a hot date night on the town. Nice and sturdy, good vibration quality, and not too loud, it's perfect for some discreet messing about. Not that I do that, of course, but if I did... ;)

Quality Sex Toys at Good Vibrations - GoodVibes.com

Also I have to say I love these little guys- how bright, colourful, and cute are they? They're waterproof, silicone covered and have a lot of intensity for such a tiny toy! Pretty quiet, too.

I think these are good for couples playing. Holding one on your clit while your lover gives you cunnilingus or thrusts into you- mm. Also, experiment with this around the nipples or anus for some shivery nice sensations (at this price, you can afford to get one per person, though being silicone they can be sterilized).

Additionally, if you wanted to get a friend a fun, cheap, nonthreatening vibrator, I think this is a good intro. With little details like the bunny ears or the dolphin nose, you can have fun trying lots of different things with these toys!

Finally, if you've ever actually stuffed a stocking, you'll find that it's a good idea to have one or two bigger items to fill it up mostly and then some little things. My parents usually filled up my stocking with a container of Pringles, which I'd start to eat at 4am when I opened my stocking and then become lethargic, thus buying them time for another few hours.

Quality Sex Toys at Good Vibrations - GoodVibes.com

I know what I want to stuff the boy's stocking with- the Understudy kit.

We've been talking about playing with gender, and I really, really want to fuck him with his own cock. Plus I love the idea of only letting him use the understudy as his cock as a form of teasing him- or, of course, the possibilities for double penetration. Mmmm.

Plus, if you have a long distance relationship, something like this can be a godsend, I hear. I know that I miss the boy's penis terribly when he's away and would love to have a spare! I think we're going to get one over the holidays regardless, so stay tuned and I'll tell you how it goes.

Tis the season to start collecting your potential pressies before it's a stressful mess! Or, you can always get YOURSELF a present to relax holiday pressures- may I recommend a Hitachi?

Quality Sex Toys at Good Vibrations - GoodVibes.com

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