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So according to Chris over at Literate Perversions, this week is White Ribbon Against Pornography week! Or, is it? I was looking into this, and some places suggest you act on this Oct 25-Nov 1st, others recommend in February or March. Whatever- at some point during the year, it’s time to be anti porn. Because all pornography warps our fragile little minds. I’m amused that they can’t decide when the week is.

I think porn is awesome, when done right. I supported Kink.com when they had their court case about their move to the Armory, even though I disagree with some of their current body fascism and their narrow viewpoint on what counts as the face of female dominance. I've found them to be incredibly respectful of their models, and I've witnessed a couple scenes, though the kink.com folks are not always the best at scheduling them sensibly- I overheard two girls chatting about how they were given scenes that would bruise them days before scenes where they needed to be markless. I'd work with Kink.com happily if they'd have me- but, they never will, cause I'm not skinny. Ah well. :)

One company I do hope to work for is Pink and White, a local queer company- fingers crossed I'll be able to in January! I'm also definitely looking into NoFauxxx, Cyberdyke and Padded Kink. I bet the boy will be distracted for weeks by Padded Kink, actually, hehe!

Why do I want to work in porn so badly? Because I'm a show off. And I like showing off to people who like to watch me doing things *I like*. I think this is where queer porn is doing endlessly better than other porn. I've found in filling out model releases that queer porn is open to you saying who you want to work with, what sort of people you like, and what sort of scenes. You're collaborating. You're not just a body filling a role... or a hole. That's what porn CAN be, and that's, in my opinion, what it SHOULD be.

So, in honor of White Ribbons Against Pornography, please feel free to include white ribbons in whatever messed up pervy stuff you get up to. I recommend corset piercings with white ribbons, or maybe some CBT. And, of course, take photos. ;)

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