Halloween Review: The Scorpion

So when I saw this toy for review at Good Vibrations I couldn't resist- it looked so creepy and weird and hey, it's Halloween and it's waterproof. And it came in a little coffin! So sweet.

Generally I'm not a huge bullet vibe fan. I'm a Hitachi girl, for sure- I need pretty intense vibration to make it worth my while. Granted, I'm pretty glad I can cum from clitoral stimulation at all- before I got my hood pierced, I was way too sensitive for any kind of physical touch around my clit! After I removed the piercing, I suddenly discovered I could have different types of orgasms, glory hallelujah! But it was only the more intense vibrators that worked on me. In spite of that, I still wanted to give Death by Orgasm's Scorpion a try, especially on Halloween.

Taking it out of the coffin seriously creeped me OUT! It's a jelly sleeve over the vibe, so all the little legs wriggle at you. I'm not terrified of bugs, but if you were, this would either be the best edgeplay toy ever or would make you run screaming. It's pretty easy to take the vibe out of the sleeve for changing batteries, which is good.

The thing I really liked about this vibe was every appendage- the tail, the legs, the claws- vibrates too and it's slightly ticklish along with providing a really unique sensation. I found it to be a really nice foreplay vibe, and can imagine it'd be a lot of fun to tease nipples with, especially in a dark room...

Additionally awesome? Multiple speeds and settings! Little watch battery vibes aren't normally this powerful and advanced, but this one was fantastic for variety. Some of the settings would be ideal for that bug-on-your-skin feel. Eeeeeeee!

It's a bit of a specialized item, perhaps, but as a sadist who loves mindfuck, I think the Scorpion vibe is well worth it. Get one quick, cause they might just scuttle away post Halloween!

Also, put it to a vote- would y'all be more interested in these toys if you saw photos of me giving them a go..? ;)

And speaking of voting- November 2nd! Get out and vote! And while you're at it, check this out for freebies:

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