working when under the weather

Even at the least customer-oriented of jobs, I suck when sick. In fact, the more I've learned to rest and let my body get over being sick, the more impatient I am about catering to someone else's needs when sniffly, coughy, or otherwise not well.

However, I figured I'd try anyway, just doing a phone shift or two. Can't be that bad, right? No dressing up involved, very little effort on my part, just listening and talking dirty.

Oh, I was so not ready. My head throbbed, the client wasn't giving me much to work with and didn't seem to like the things I did, and... well, it felt like having someone beg you for sex, then lie there like a dead fish while you pumped and grunted away. I could not be bothered. I felt badly, because I try hard to give good service, but I wanted to scream "if you don't know what you want WHY DID YOU CALL ME". Struggle struggle struggle. I just want to be Not Sick anymore!!

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