Ladies High Tea and Pornography

Ladies High Tea and Pornography began its life as a tribe group filled with hot, young, queer women. I joined it years ago, enjoyed the banter of the forum, and the silliness of the idea. Something about the properness of high tea coupled with pornography or various sorts made for an interesting juxtaposition.

We considered actually holding a high tea and porn meeting, but never got around to it. The Bay Area is filled with loads of stuff to keep us entertained, and there was never quite enough time, or a good idea of how this would solidify. So we kept ourselves to double entendre and flirtation, and didn't take it further.

But when I got to London, I felt isolated, trapped. Yes, in some ways there's a lot of fetishy events here, but they're different in flavor to the ones in San Francisco, for sure. There's far fewer queers in the general London fetish scene, for starters, and it generally seems to be taken Very Seriously. Without hundreds of pounds in clothing and gear, and without years of knowledge that people either had or lied about having, I felt out of my league and unsure if I even wanted to be IN that league. I was very stressed, wanting to meet a social group that would click for me but unsure who that would be, or where to look, and additionally feeling very overwhelmed with working and moving to a new country.

With the intention of meeting a few girls to date, I posted up a gumtree ad. I only vaguely remember what it said- a little about me, my open relationship, my fondness of geeks and feeding ducks. I'd post it up but Gumtree doesn't save your ads the way Craigslist does. I met a few girls through that ad, and meant to meet more but didn't get around to it- suddenly my life went from slow plodding pace to vrooom! But I still wasn't fond of the girly scene here, and the fetish scene was hard to get into without friends.

Meeting these cute, geeky girls suggested to me that they would enjoy meeting each other. We were amusingly all bisexual with male primary partners (or a tendency that way) but a desire to play with women and a queer sensibility. And we were all sex-positive, porn-lovin' girls. As we were also in England, the idea of a real life Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society was born- and we began a monthly sit down, potluck style, with tea and biscuits, cheese and crackers, quiche and tea sammiches. And it's been a delight and a blast.

One thing we've discovered is that it's more comfortable for us to watch porn we can giggle and snark at- "Pirates" being, of course, the number one opportunity for such. I don't know if we would ever be comfortable enough together to have a High Tea turn into an orgy- probably, so thank goodness one of the sofas turns into a bed! We've watched a lot of weird stuff, for sure. But I feel confident now that if women have access to good quality, good production values porn where the women seem into it, then they'll enjoy pornography. I don't think that's anti-feminist, though that's a discussion for another blog.

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