yeah, it's the same blog

I'm experimenting with different formats and layouts, as more than one person has asked me to change the layout to dark font on a light background... I figured pink-on-pink was probably not going to work, so I'm going to see if I settle into this color scheme.

It feels a little wild west- I keep refraining from calling my personal pages "my whorin' page", hehe!

In other news- in about 40 minutes I'll be doing an interview on phone sex. O.o What have I gotten myself into?? It's for a documentary. A short documentary, but still... and here I am, with a cold, blowing kilos of mucus into tissues that're forming a mountain in my room. Aaaa!

I did get the house mostly clean. Cleaner than usual. I'm wondering if this will shatter the idea that phone sex girls are glamorous and spending all their time naked and wanking...?

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