Via Feminisn't: the cranky ho's venn diagram of clients

As much as Furrygirl drives me crazy sometimes, I do like this Venn Diagram- as she says, it's not always true, but damn, sometimes it feels that way. It's why I wrote my Tips on Being a Good Client, which is a good read no mater what kind of sex worker you frequent- escort, prodomme, stripper, camgirl, etc!

It's been a struggle to get back into the sex worker saddle this trip, but it's something I feel like I want to actively pursue again. So this week is for a lot of housekeeping- contacting people with potential spaces, updating my profiles, and starting to talk to a friend about streamlining my site. Whew!

Anyone who says sex work is just lying on your back and being fucked is lying, btw. It's a lot of hustling, marketing, graphic design, image management, modeling, money management... it's complicated shit!

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