Review: Women in Lust

I read a lot of erotica, and I have no shame about where or when I'll pull a book of smut out- there's erotic anthologies in my bathroom, by my bedside, in my purse, in the car. They usually have titles that are somewhat discreet- no "Anal Swap" here, though they often have a sexy lady half dressed on the cover. I mean, granted, it'd be awesome to see more sexy men on the cover too... but I digress.

"Women in Lust", a collection of erotic stories edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, was therefore my airplane reading as I flew out to Massachusetts. Promising to be about lust, not love, I picked this up hoping to have tales with some edge to them, and I have to say... I wasn't disappointed.

While these stories are mostly heterosexual with a couple of lesbian/bisexual stories in there as well, I really enjoyed the mixture of female dominance and submission... with a central theme of women getting what (and whom) they want. I also liked that the women were different ages, not focused on the young, perfectly fit pornographic type- I really enjoy reading stories about older women seducing and guiding younger men, as a cougar-in-training myself! Most of the authors were new to me but delightful to discover, avoiding many of the usual erotica tropes to excite the imagination... though I will say I think "red and weepy" is a description best given to a wound, not a cock head. Aspiring smut writers, take note. ;)

"Women in Lust"'s stories are also a good length for reading aloud, if you enjoy being read to or have all long distance relationship. I think I may have my boy read me one in particular about a boy chef while I soak in a bubble bath...

"Women in Lust" is available from Cleis Press and was given to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. Thanks Rachel!

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