Review: The Limon

I'm always looking for the best and the brightest in the sex toy world, and with spring turning into summer, what could be more refreshing than a vibrator shaped like a lemon? You may know how much I enjoy the "Lemon Stealing Whores" porn intro, and this just settles comfortably into the surreal world in which I like to have sex.

The Limon from Minna Life sounded really exciting, especially with the squeezable technology used to increase the power of the vibrations. It's kind of like a vibrating water balloon in terms of how it feels under your fingers, which is kind of weird and nice all at the same time. Apparently that air pocket giving that effect can deflate if you change altitude, which is easily fixable by using something like a ball point pen and pressing it into the porn between the charging contacts to re-inflate it. It charges via USB, so it makes it a practical toy for travel (especially as other people are unlikely to know what it is by looking at it!)

It's also really cool to see sex toys being crowdfunded successfully, particularly considering how many payment processors are shutting down around anything sexual. The fact this was a locally made toy definitely made it more appealing to my localavore self (you can see the Limon above nestled in our veg box!), never mind that is was designed by sex geeks from Stanford. The vibration technology promises and, I feel, delivers a very different type of sensation that they call "Rumble Motor Technology". It's made with silicone and is fully waterproof, making cleaning and sterilizing a breeze.

Limon is marketed as a vibrator for couples, and I can see that. It's softer than many vibrators, so having it between two bodies is easier than with a bullet vibrator. I've had a bullet vibe bang against my clit during sex before and it was pretty awful!  This is easy to hold onto, and I think might be useful for people who have restricted mobility in their hands, especially as you don't have to squeeze the toy too hard to get the vibration to adjust. I have yet to test out how slippery it gets when your hands are covered with lube and fluids, however!

On that note, let's talk about how you program this thing. Because yes, friend, you can program a vibration pattern into this vibrator while it's on. Sadly it doesn't save your pattern once you turn it off - you can lock it in while using the toy, but turn it off and it's gone. You have one button. Press it once and it'll pulse one, two or three times. One pulse means it needs to be charged badly, two means it's got acceptable charge, and three means it's fully charged and ready to go.

Once it's on, you're in the "playground" mode where you can squeeze the Limon as much or as little as you like but it won’t save any patterns. If you squeeze it gently, it'll be faint, and the harder you press, the stronger the vibrations get. If you want to program patterns, press the button again, looking for a circular arrow to light up, signaling programable mode. Then squeeze the toy however your bits like it, wait a beat, and experience your pattern on a loop until you squeeze it again. So when you find a pattern that works for you? Press the power button a third time, see a lock light up, and that pattern will repeat until you're done.

All in all, the vibration wasn't quite strong enough to make me orgasm, but this toy was genius as a foreplay tool. I'm planning to use it with a male lover, because I think it offers a really nice set of vibrations. And when I do my localavore veg box porn, you can bet this is going to show up in it! You can get it in magenta or teal, depending on your preference. And it has the USB cord already making it easy to get started immediately. I consider this Limon sweet!

Thanks Minna Life for sending me one of your adorable Limons to review honestly! Does this look like a toy you'd try out? Why or why not? Have you tried their other vibe, the Ola? Comment below!


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