Review: Teddy Bear Spank-Her

I got this paddle a while ago. I couldn't not- the boy had just told me he enjoyed ageplay, and when looking for a way to introduce a more sexualized version, I found this teddy bear paddle to be ideal.

It's all leather, with a padded side (the detailed side with the teddy) and a flat side. It's very sturdy, too, which I liked, with a flexible inner bit that gives it some flex. But no matter how hard I used it, it didn't leave imprints when I used the side with the teddy face, so I'd call it a mild to medium sensation toy.

It does make a satisfying smacking noise when used against a bare or crinkly diapered ass, though!

My domme persona, I often joke, is that of a 5 year old girl, so I don't just use this toy when playing queer mummy. I'd say this paddle is more often used for when I feel like being Angelica from Rugrats, or maybe Claudia from Interview with a Vampire. I giggle a lot during play, after all, so novelty paddles are just a fun little extra.

The loop is handy. It's in a weird place, going through the head instead of at the base of the handle, but that didn't get in the way or anything. I prefer having a loop there so I can hang it on a belt at a play party- it's nice to have toys you don't have to carry around so your hands are free! 

Basically, it's a nice gentle paddle for the emotional feeling of being spanked rather than to significantly redden a bottom- and it's perfect if you like Daddy/girl or sibling roleplays. I can definitely imagine enjoying this when the boy is my little brother I get to torment, for example!

Available at Eden Fantasys!

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