diapered dandy

So the boy and I went away for a little relaxing trip to celebrate being together- we got a lovely hotel with a huge, comfy bed, we went to fancy restaurants, and we went to my favourite aquarium in the world. In between, I posted ads about my missing cat, curated February's Red Umbrella Blog Carnival, and did some writing.

But when we dressed up to go to dinner, underneath the boy's dapper dandy outfit, he was lotioned, powdered, and diapered. He writes about the experience here (and I'll fluff this out more once in the UK and settled in a bit)- I suggested it and was pleased at how excited he was, since I don't initiate this stuff often. I was surprised how fun it was, actually, even if he's a shameless hussy who merrily pisses himself at the table with nary a red cheek!

I'm pretty sure it comes down to initiating these activities. As much as I really hate it, I am actually often a nurturing type. Queer mummying isn't as foreign as it once was... and I'm kind of looking forward to how it goes in the future. I'm definitely up for more public diapering and bathroom control- more than I thought I'd be! Goes to show you, eh?

Reminds me that it's about time for my followup to my ageplay article over at Good Vibes Magazine....

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