Review: SpareParts Joque Harness

I am many things, but I am definitely a femme. Some would argue I'm high femme, with my petticoats and jewelry and heels. They're basically right. And as much as I've always liked the look of this harness, I've always passed it up for something more, well, femme, with bows and pink and glitter. 

I considered, thought about, and investigated the Joque for a while, drooled over it even, but generally decided against it in favour of something that had more frippery on it. But when my first choice harness (the La Femme, if you're curious) wouldn't fit my woman hips (50") and so I shrugged and decided to go for it and get the Joque.

This is the most comfortable harness I have ever worn ever in my life. There're some velco straps that adjust on either side, and they don't dig into the skin they way velcro can do with harnesses. It's a double strap harness, which gives access to the ass and vulva if you want that - it also means you can use this harness with a double-ended dildo like the Share or the Nexus if you'd like. It also has a built in O ring- handy if you lose them the way I often do! It can stretch to fit something up to 2" in diameter, but you have to really work at it if it's a bigger dildo- there's no "too thin" as long as the base is wide and sturdy enough not to fold and slip out.

It was recommended when I first bought this that I wrap the base of my dildos in a condom to prevent the dye seeping into my cocks if I was wearing them for a longer period of time (like packing, which is one of the reasons I wanted this). I've washed it (it's machine washable, hurray! But don't put it in the dryer, let it hang dry) and haven't seen any dye bleeding issues yet, but have heard it from multiple sources so keep it in mind. The material is a super-soft spandex/poly blend that's pretty nice against the skin.

With the packing thing in mind I did try it out with a smaller soft cock, and while it was certainly workable, the base is pretty soft so it makes it easier for it to slip out if there's too much tugging. It was really hot watching my boyfriend sucking my packing cock, and I found the design of the Joque to be almost unsettling in how masculine it made me feel. I found switching out the soft pack for a dildo to be pretty easy - important for sudden flares of passion, and good for people who don't want to bring a packing strap and a harness when they go on a night out. Oh, and there's a tiny pocket for adding a minivibe- I rarely bother, as harnesses rarely put the pouch low enough for where I prefer to wear my cocks,but other people might enjoy it.

I got a black one myself as I liked the way it looked, but you can also get other colours- the website lists- Jet Black, Cool White, Red Pepper, Passion Pink, Boi Blu, Royal Purple, Chocolate Brown, Winter Blu, Electric Pink and Stars & Stripes. And it comes with a little storage pouch for when you're not wearing it that matches! Best purchase I've made in a while! And my boyfriend loves it on me. I might experiment more with masculinity- it's a little scary, almost, considering I've just gotten a handle on femme, but what can I say? This harness converted me.

Check it out at Good Vibrations and see for yourself why it was the one harness nominated for an AVN award!

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