Review: Super Hung Heroes - The Amazing Web Shooter

I took one look at the dimensions of this dildo from Shevibe and realized that in my vagina's current state of not having much penetrative sex, this was not gonna be the dildo for me. Too girthy, too textured! I find myself sometimes writing cheques my body can't cash and this was one of those times.So I gave it to my partner Phil N LeBlanc, who's a Spiderman aficionado, and told him to put it in his butt. Here's his review!

So today I'm reviewing the novelty Spiderman dildo, The Amazing Web Shooter, from Doc Johnson. 

That is a big focal point for this particular product: novelty.
To say I was intimidated by this dildo when we first got it is putting things mildly. I mean hell, the entire reason I ended up being the one doing the reviewing for this toy is that when Kitty got it in the mail, she took one look at it and said "There's no way that'll fit inside me, you've got to do this review."
The thing is for me, this toy has its usability problems, but size isn't really chief amongst them. Yes, it is intimidatingly wide (5.3" in girth, whew) - though the penetrable portion of the dildo is fairly short (5" insertable). Openings tend to stretch though, so it's not the wideness that will get you, rather it is the firmness.
This toy is so made from such a rigid silicone, it might as well actually be attached to a life-size action figure of Spider Man himself. It is painfully inflexible and doesn't have any sort of softness or give to it when squeezed. Furthermore, they've attempted to put a sort of realistic texture on it, but based not on flesh but rather based more on the sort of bodysuits that Spider Man wears in the live-action movies. Coupled with the firmness of the plastic, this gives it almost a sandpaper-like consistency on it which means you'd not want to use it without a condom on it, period.
That said, that brings me to the real question that I'd like to raise in reviewing this particular toy which is - are you really even supposed to use it as an actual sex-toy? To which I'd say for most people, the answer is no.
To me, this particular dildo is really a classic example of the 'novelty' adult toy. It looks GREAT, as far as visual appearance sake, the texture that they got on it is spot-on, and while the ridges are a bit TOO pronounced for comfortable use, they got the 'spider web' pattern detailing that the costume is known for fantastically.
If you are a fan of Spiderman, or comics in general, I HIGHLY recommend this product just as a fun shelf-piece. For novelty purposes it is a FANTASTIC looking piece. If you're looking for a usable dildo however, you may want to stick with one of the more standard models from Doc Johnson.I have to admit I'm sorely tempted by the toys that have less texture but fun costume possibilities: the Hammer and the Captain Cock come to mind!

Thank you SheVibe for sending us this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review!

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