Review: "Speakeasy"

So, I got to watch Crash Pad Volume 6, an excellent film, with the boy. 
Then, a few days later, I got to check out "Speakeasy", a porn I've been looking forward to for quite some time. I practically squeed when I opened my package from Good Vibes and it was in there with the other dvds! Now, I've been holding on to "Glamazons" and "Roulette" as well, but knew the boy would cry if I watched an April Flores porn without him, so gave my new gentleman caller the choice between queer DIY "Roulette" and porn noir "Speakeasy". As this gentleman is a waistcoat-and-tie sort of chap, I wasn't surprised he picked "Speakeasy", and I'm glad he did.
With Billy Castro as the investigator/hot glue sticking the storyline together and Lorelei Lee as the tempting blonde bombshell, this had a great mix of hot action and a great soundtrack. The sex was pretty rough, which I personally enjoy quite a bit- starting off with some face slapping and hand-on-the-neck fingering with Lorelei and the delicious Tomcat, who is in charge of several sites over at my old favourite Kink.com. Yum yum yum.
Jiz Lee gets tied up (first time I've seen them as femme-ish, actually, and I love that Jiz has hairy legs and a hairy cunt, one of my personal kinks), alone with bartenders tending to each other (Cyd makes another appearance- he is so fucking hot) and a great scene between Billy and Lorelei. Black and white mixed with colour separates the sex scenes from the storyline, which I quite liked, and there's an extra where you can watch pretty much all but the heavy sex bits, all in black and white, all with film grain, which was quite nice. And definitely get more  Billy, Lorelei and Jiz!
Watching this with my gentleman caller led to a great discussion on what's wrong with porn in the UK, why there's such a lack of queer porn here, who considers themselves consumers and what they'd like or not like about "Speakeasy" in particular and queer porn in general. We agreed that it would be good for pretty much anyone over here to watch- the D/s dynamics you see prove that you can do kink without fancy toys, and seeing trans bodies on screen is always a good start for showing people how to play with someone who is transitioning. It was really a great porn and one I look forward to watching again for sure. Grab "Speakeasy" over at Good Vibes- and remember, you can get it stream to own, iTunes ready download, or Divx download, so don't deny yourself this yumminess just cause you can't get a dvd at the local Harmony!
I think what I came away with here, watching two queer-directed, queer-starred porn films with a couple of cismen, is that EVERYONE can find the appeal in this kind of porn. There's a lot to be said for porn stars who love what they do, get to communicate what they enjoy, and then do it on screen for us to marvel at and wank to. No, it's not the same as every other porn you find at the corner shop, and no, it's not Anna Fucking Span with her women-directed-but-totally-for-men videos- and that's a *good thing*.

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