Review: "Crash Pad Series, Volume 6"

Some people watch porn to get off- I do, too, but generally watching porn is a nice way to see some sexually stimulating material while snuggling up with someone cute. And something I've been lucky enough to enjoy is watching some queer porn with the boy, and someone else as yet unnamed on my blog (perhaps Scurvy? I dunno. He can pick something.)

Thanks to Blowfish, who responded quite quickly to my plea for queer porn to be sent to the UK, the boy and I got to watch "Crash Pad Series, Volume 6" together. He can be a bit unfocused, so sitting to watch a bunch of porn shorts was a bit hard for him. Plus the way I watch porn is similar to the way I watch any movie- I put it on and watch it from start to finish. Still, this had enough hotness that he was glued to the screen, especially during certain scenes!

"Crash Pad" is a collection I've seen before and enjoyed- the general plot being that there's a "no holes barred sex space" where dykes, queers, trans guys, femmes and butches can go to fuck like crazy- *if* they get the key. I like the variety you see in the series, and the fact the people you see seem genuinely into the play and each other. I also enjoy that you'll get a break in the fourth wall here and there- most of the people in "Crash Pad" aren't porn stars, so they'll glance at a camera here or almost kick the boom there. I love that, because it creates this amateur atmosphere that leads to you feeling you're at a play party watching people get it on, which is always lovely.

This particular "Crash Pad" had a great cast of characters doing some incredibly hot things. I loved the dynamic between Jiz Lee (pictured) and Dylan Ryan, where Dylan told Jiz that they could do ANYTHING but kiss. Watching the chemistry and the desire to make up but just... not... going... there! was super fun to watch. There was also a great scene involving the always hot Cyd Loverboy, with James as a reluctant gay jock boy, going at it with some gusto- watching them suck each others cocks was riveting! But the scene that made the boy and I happiest was the one that had Tina Horn as a naughty girl coming home to her Dominant, Casey Grey, for confessions and discipline... oh, wow. That scene had great spankings, some excellent fucking, and the sweetest ending I've seen in kinky porn. Really lovely.

So, do I recommend it? Definitely, no doubt. It doesn't seem to be out yet, but I'll let you know when I see it on Blowfish, because you'll not want to miss this. In the meantime, check out the Crash Pad's other dvds in the series, which are also well worth watching! And keep an eye on this blog- I've written in asking about doing a scene, so perhaps while I'm in California I'll get lucky and get to visit the Crash Pad myself... hope hope hope!

Stay tuned for the next review...

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