I don't sit around in lacey lingerie waiting for you.

I know that the fantasy is that I sit around my gorgeously appointed flat, floggers and sex toys all around me, my face made up and my curvy body neatly and beautifully wrapped in matching lingerie, schoolgirl clothes, Mistress corsets, etc. I know you imagine me with my legs in stockings and high heels, just lounging about reading smut.

In reality, I'm picking cat hair off my robe and running my fingers through my hair, trying to decide between ripped jeans and a skirt, usually cooking a chicken or a pork loin as I juggle emails and writing for anthologies, and sipping tea that's lukewarm. I rarely have makeup on, or something sexy underwear-wise on, mainly because my sexy lingerie is made for sexiness, not comfort. I prefer mismatched cotton panties and a bra that'll haul my tits up.

This is why I can't necessarily run to meet you last minute, or pop onto the webcam in costume with a 5 minute warning. I'm going about my day, and while I really enjoy stopping the vacuuming and masturbating for an appreciative audience instead, it means I need a little time to get myself sorted before I'm ready for you. I may need to take out some toys you might like, or put my hair up. It's like a date- I want to look my best.

So please, don't be upset or impatient. Give me a little time to prepare, and I'll offer you a performance you'll love! Remember- I'm a geeky girl first, and a sex worker second. ;)

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