Girlfriend Experiences

When men ask for a girlfriend experience, they mean they want to snuggle a bit, french kiss, and talk like lovers. I hope that when they ask for it, they get the intimacy they're hoping for, and not just some playacting (I'm thinking "But I'm a Cheerleader"'s makeout scene with her boyfriend as she rolls her eyes).

I like to think I am a girlfriend experience.

Maybe it's because I'm a slut, but I manage to create instant chemistry with most people pretty easily. I find myself enjoying our kisses, stroking their chest as I do my male lovers, chatting about the things I find around our outcall location, the little hints I get as to what sort of guy they are. I've chatted about computers, model cars, traveling, the arts, politics... all sorts of things. I divulge personal information easily, because I don't have secrets. I'm great at creating rapport. And often we get so lost in chatting that the erotic massage or the assfucking becomes secondary to the excellent time we have just getting to know each other.

I know a lot of workers dislike the intimacy their clients desire. I can understand why. I think it's valid, too. But for me (maybe cause of my 4 years in SF?) hugging and chatting about deep personal things with almost-strangers is second nature. I've heard all sorts of secrets and confessions- I'd like to think I've healed a few hurts, as well, and imparted some communication skills. I really, really enjoy it. I love the connection, the laughing at the same jokes, the intensity of a political debate with someone who matches my mind. I love it when our eyes light up and we're animated with discussion. It makes the kissing better, just as it does with lovers, casual or not.

And, interestingly... I'm often just a little hurt if I never hear from them again, especially if I thought we clicked. I know guys go to different women, and variety is the spice of life. I guess in a way, I just connect a bit too well. Sometimes I'll think back to someone and wonder what he's up to now, if he ever sorted out that thing or ever told his wife about that fantasy. I miss them, for a moment.

But, unlike a real scorned girlfriend, I don't call them at all hours, or hold their clothes hostage. ::laughs::

Just some musings brought up from my last few experiences in the world of sex work. And, perhaps, a little message to those guys, who may even now be reading my blog.

You might be punters, but I still genuinely care about you. No, we wouldn't date. Yes, it's a professional arrangement. But I do, truly, enjoy your company. It can be just as satisfying to me. I hope you know that.

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