Lost and Found

When I read Calico's post called "Lost Another One", I cracked a smile. I've gotten that response, the "oh, you're a Pro, we kinky men have lost you FOREVER". Besides the things Calico says about assumptions, which I agree with, there was something else I noticed.

I used to hear that a lot in California, where men assumed that because I was a pro I wouldn't do them for free. And, well, to be honest, they were usually right. Especially as in California I was dating dominant men and getting increasingly frustrated as my lack of submissive tendencies. It was full time work, trying to mold myself into the submissive I was so sure I wanted to be. If I was going to try my hand at being a Domme, I wanted to be paid for it.

But here. Here it's different. I'm not sure if it's because I'm in London, or because I've really gotten into my role as a Domme (and cat herder). When I tell kinky men I'm a pro Domme, they ask me for my info and catch up with me about a session later. Maybe it's also in part because when I do a session, sure, I do some of the things you like... but it's because I like those things too. I mean, I may've gotten one or two jibes about how now they have to pay or whatever, but it's actually led to bookings, no question.

I wonder why that is? Why is it different in London than California, or is it more a reflection of my comfort as a Domme both professionally and personally that leads them to not say such things? It's interesting.

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