geeks need love and sex too

I'm watching "Eyes Wide Shut" for the first time. I have no idea if I'll finish it, as it seems long and I find Tom Cruise incredibly creepy.Not terribly impressed so far, but eh, we'll see. It seems like one of those movies you have to watch if you watch sexuality-related films. While so far it seems sorta meh, I do like Nicole Kidman naked except for glasses.


I spent the afternoon having a picnic outside with my favourite client who's also just a good friend. We had sushi and tempura, chatted a lot about all sorts of stuff, and snuggled while watching some IT Crowd. Fun times! It was really what I needed, some extended snuggling. Yay. :)

Then, I made the mistake of looking to see if the thing I was interviewed for was up. I was told, at the time, that it was going to be an interview for the Guardian (yay!) and the Sunday Star (gah), but was reassured that it wasn't a sensation piece and that they were genuinely interested in what I had to say.

You know what's coming, yeah?

Classy journalism at its best.

Totally misquoted, quoted out of context, and totally missing the fact that I'm a geek too, hence why I attract smart, geeky clients. ::sigh:: To be expected, though. I *am* however glad to see that the way this is construed points out that the laws to criminalize clients will just make things harder for good, polite, normal people, not the sort of criminal assholes who traffick women.

It's something, I guess...

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