Dexter makes me wet

"He uses duct tape and plastic wrap".

Coupled with tossing a girl onto the bed for passionate fighting/fucking...

Is it any wonder I love Dexter?

I've been dreaming of duct tape and plastic wrap for the past few weeks. Imagining his flesh straining against the wrap, crinkling lightly as he shifts... the duct tape winding around his legs, his chest, pressed against his lips, his eyes slightly widened, rimmed in black and silver... mm. It makes me wet, imagining him like this, so helpless, as I rub my wetness against the outside of the wrap. The way it slips and slides, the feeling of him stiffening as I rub my clit against him... it never gets OLD, it's new every time. And yet it remains familiar... deliciously familiar.

Season 2, the one I've been watching, has a manifesto in it- Dexter creates a manifesto from bits and pieces of things he finds on the net...

If I had a manifesto, what would it be, exactly? I wonder...

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