I haven't posted for a few days thanks to the holiday madness- madness that somehow increases even though I don't have any family members around for Christmas, and haven't for years. Maybe that's why- instead of one big family gathering, I have multiple chosen family get-togethers I go to annually instead!

And god was my calendar packed. There was Santacon, and the Christmas Revels, and Whobilation, and Dickens Fair. December 17th was a massive event and it went off really well, which made me really proud (I was even interviewed about it!).

Never mind the craziness of the holidays proper- Christmas Eve spent with my girlfriend, her family, and my friends, watching fire spinning and noshing on homemade Mexican food to Xmas tunes, and Christmas Day spent with incredible food, lovely friends, clothing piles, and lots of champagne.

I got many nice presents, but some of the things I got that I'm happiest about aren't things. Yeah, I know, cliche, right? But it's true. Spending the holidays with people who are really close and meaningful to me was fantastic. Getting legal advice to allow me to submit my divorce documents was awesome. Getting to eat some special holiday treats from England was great, too. I'm particularly pleased at the way my boyfriend and girlfriend are getting on so well together- it makes me feel really happy and loved by them both. I'm really looking forward to January, when the three of us will be spending some time together.

Particularly exciting? I've been accepted to speak at SXSW Interactive as part of their Salon series! SXSW is a huge deal- it's for people up and coming in the world of tech, and includes some incredible minds and lectures that sound fascinating. To give you an idea, "Fixing Broke(n) Governments Through Serious Games", "Can You Tweet That? Social Media and the Law", "Empathy-Building Tools for Better Collaboration", "Is Social Media a Human Right?"- these are all talks I can go to. And mine? Mine is my presentation "Enforced Fem/me: Sex Workers and Social Media". SQUEE! I'm so blown away to be asked and really excited to be a part of it all. Best. Present. EVER.

And soon, it's New Years, and my 28th birthday. I'll be posting a review of my goals from last year and how I did on them, as I do every year. I have to say, this last year had some massive ups and massive downs, but I am feeling like I'm in a good (if busy!) place right now. Lots of paid writing gigs- lots of performance opportunities- and lots of love.

Bring on 2012. I'm ready for the apocalypse.

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