Guest Review: Tenga 3D Polygon

So I get lots of toys to review, and sometimes they're just not something i can review- thankfully, the boy is happy to pick up where I have to leave off!

That was the case with this review, a Tenga 3D Polygon from Babeland. I'll let him tell you in his own words how he liked it.

My honey Kitty is just the sweetest, isn’t she? I love it when a care package arrives from her and it contains both some My Little Pony toys and some masturbators for me to try out. What a doll! 

My latest little present from Kitty was the Tenga 3D ‘Polygon’, part of Tenga’s ‘3D’ range of reversible masturbators. Tenga masturbators have a soft, pliable texture that feels great against the penis: not too taught when stretched over it and not too soft that you can’t feel the patterned interiors. 

However, as someone who actively sells these to customers, I usually give the same disclaimer: they don’t last too long and the regular Tenga masturbators are near impossible to clean properly. Believe me, I tried cleaning up a Tenga Air Cup sleeve for a second round, but ended up with a bit of a wet mess on my hands. Regardless, that’s another story. Tenga’s 3D range aim to correct this oversight by ditching the hard plastic exteriors, allowing one to turn these things inside out for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

The toys actually come packaged ‘inside out’: with the surface that you’ll have against the skin of your cock facing outwards (“the details that create the outside design become the stimulating interior details,” as the included instructions put it). This allows you to immediately see exactly what kind of texture you’ll be getting, unlike with the differently-textured Tenga eggs, which are a bit of a guessing game unless the store you get them from has a handy guide or legend. 

A second benefit is that this makes the Tenga 3D range ‘stealth’ toys: stored the way they come, they look like little, white, innocuous curios and so could easily be kept on your bedside cabinet without arousing suspicion. Tenga most definitely do not do ‘anatomically correct’ toys, so look elsewhere if that is your bag.

Each toy comes packaged with a single packet of water-based lubricant, but any water-based lubricant can substitute. I’ve used it with Liquid Silk a few times now to no ill effects either to the product or myself. When using, one has to flip the whole thing inside out and then apply the lube to the inside, making sure to get some around the entrance hole especially, for easy insertion. 

Special care should be taken when inserting, as the very end of the hole is a bit tight and may cause some discomfort for penises with a foreskin, but ultimately is no more difficult or uncomfortable than inserting an uncut penis into anything similar, so uncut boys should be able to navigate it easily. One must also resist the urge to flip it directly onto the penis. I did try this and quickly regretted it. Flip it inside out first, then slide it over the penis. 

Once on, the whole thing is then gripped and one masturbates with it as normal. The ridged pattern is soft and is barely noticeable when the toy is static against the penis, but one can definitely feel the extremities slide against the shaft when in motion, creating a pleasurable, textured sensation.

The soft, almost sponge-y material (Antibacterial Elastomer!) quickly won me over as it provides a much softer sensation than a hand can provide. The sleeve as a whole also neatly covers the whole of the shaft, creating equal sensation all over, which again is something a hand on its own cannot do (personally, I find I end up gripping too hard in one area and hardly touching myself at all in another; accursed fingers!). 

As a result, my Tenga 3D has quickly become my go-to masturbation-toy of choice. I’ve even found it helps me achieve orgasm quicker than when I’m left to my own devices (results may vary). The toy is also not porous to ejaculate, so you won’t find cum seeping through it and onto your bedsheets, laptop, etc. (hooray for a clean wank! No more embarrassing stains on the bedclothes!)

With the old style Tenga toys, orgasm would pretty much be the end of the game, as there was never really an easy way to clean those things for reuse, but with this, the whole thing slips off and onto a neat little tray that comes packaged with it, specifically for keeping it off of any surfaces while one gets up and prepares to clean it. 

Cleaning is as simple as running both sides under running water and cleaning by hand: simple as anything. Remember to dry it each time too, as otherwise it might still have cool water from the last wash inside it when next you come to it. Since this is designed as a reusable sleeve unlike many of Tenga’s previous efforts, it’s good to get into the habit of taking care of it. The enclosed instructions claim that toys in the 3D range are good for approximately fifty uses (but “may vary according to methods of use[!]”), which puts them well-above the expected shelf life of the regular Tenga toys. 

So to summarise: I’m sold. The Tenga 3D toys make wanking a hell of a lot more fun, its sensations and texture providing a marked improvement over nature and it may rapidly become something you grab whenever you feel like jacking off. They’re clean (bonus!) and honestly pretty neat-looking too. There’s a range of different designs to choose from, but judging from the Polygon I imagine the differences to be largely cosmetic and the differences in sensation minor.

So there you have it- the Tenga 3D is a hit. And how cute is it that he wanked to the puppyplay video we shot for Padded Kink? Awwww!

Thank you Babeland for sending us the Tenga 3D Polygon in exchange for an honest review!

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