Review: Pink Candy Collar and Cuffs

Aslan Leather makes some beautiful harnesses, like the Cherry Minx I was lucky enough to review earlier- so I was curious about their cuffs and collars. How could I resist the sweetness that is the pink candy collar and cuffs? Especially when modeled by my girlfriend Penny, who accompanied me to a holiday party as a sugarplum fairy?

The pink candy collar and cuffs are both made with white and pink leather on the outside and lined with white vegan leather. The cuffs and the collar are 2" wide, making them reasonable for heavier bondage- the collar has a triangle ring and an o ring, while the cuffs have a d-ring each. I particularly like the white stitching against the pink! It's a lovely detail.

The collar fits a 12.5" neck up to 16", and the cuffs fit from 6-8", making them adjustable for men and women alike.  The collar is just the right size to not cut into the neck as you wear it, no matter how much you might struggle. ;)

We found these to be pretty soft and comfortable, both for a bit of bondage and for sexyfuntimes- they're really well constructed. They're beautiful as feature pieces with a kinky outfit. Also notable is that these are all equipped with lockable buckles, making them a possibility for enforced bondage- Aslan also sells locks if you want to use them.

I really got off on seeing Penny cuffed and collared at my feet as she massaged me through my stockings! I can imagine they'll come out for other playtimes. Maybe I'll pull them out to help my boyfriend get more in touch with his femme side when he comes to visit. And personally, I like the idea of using these for ageplay bondage- the colours make them look innocent and cute. They also come in a pretty light blue if that's more your style.

Even better, these will go really well with a lot of other things Aslan has, starting you on your way to a full leather outfit- maybe a chest harness?  Maybe a matching ball gag if your submissive is a bit mouthy (or you just want to keep their mouth busy)? I like the fact you can create a full Folsom style outfit but in white and pink, for the high femmes among us.

Thank you Aslan Leather for sending me the pink candy cuffs and collar set in exchange for an honest and fair review!

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